''  I can measure the motion of bodies, but I cannot measure the human folly'' Isac Newton

The services offered are manufactured in compliance with all current regulations, timelines, and appropriate procedures, with the help of software always up to date.

EN.TER Engineering offers its customers:
• Architectural design;
• Structures project;
• Static testing;
• Fluid mechanics systems design;
• Electrical and special systems design;
• Facilities to renewable energy design;
• Road Design;
• Telecommunications Equipment Planning;
• Security systems Design;
• Public spaces Requalification;
• Surveying;
• Attorneys;
• Environmental monitoring;
• Safety Coordination;
• Fire prevention;
• Work safety;
• Feasibility studies;
• Investigations and preliminary activities;
• technical-administrative Testing.
EN.TER Engineering is able to support its customers during all phases of design and manufacturing, providing performance of Project and Construction Management, aim to reach the target required. The professional performances and engineering services are provided both in integrated configuration (general design and construction management, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems) and in individual specialized services depending on customer needs.

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