''  Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it'' Albert Einstein

Jobs and carrers
Working closely with clients, our professional staff acquires a detailed knowledge of the specific requirements and identifies the necessary adjustments for the projects progress and the introduction of possible improvements without losing sight of the ultimate goals.

The professionalism, integrity, trust, commitment to the details, the ability to maintain direct and open relationships, both professional and human, constitute the profile that EN.TER Engineering looks for, to achieve their goals daily and in the long term.

EN.TER Engineering is aware of the enormous value and considers it essential for the development of your organization.
EN.TER Engineering searches for the following profiles:
Experience and / or engineering, architecture, project management studies;
Experience and / or surveying and technical-industrial studies.

Send your CV in European format to info@enterengineering.it

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